Wedding reference

Edna & Ariel (Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort, Florida, USA)

Tom is a dreamy wedding photographer! His photos have a touch of elegance and he can capture your best moments. He flew to Florida all the way from the Czech Republic because his photos are really perfect and we couldn′t have asked for a better photographer for our wedding. We recommend it to everyone! (

Christoffer & Alina (Lidingö Church, Carlshälls Gård, Stockholm, Sweden)

Flexible, reliable and good results. We immortalized our autumn wedding with both beautiful pictures and a video. 

Renata & Matayo (Jambiani Beach, Zanzibar)

Tomas is a very talented photographer with an amazing sense for romantic lights and capturing spontaneous, precious moments. Shooting with it is smooth, feels natural and feels like a fun game. And the result is not only professional, but looks like a photo from a fairy tale that you could look at for hours. Even if you have the opportunity to meet him on his travels anywhere on Earth, or you need a private photo shoot or event expert, don′t miss the chance to ask him to capture the beautiful moments of your life! 

Annemarie and Christopher (international wedding, Valtice Castle, Czech Republic)

We are very happy that we booked Tomáš for our wedding. The photos were beautiful and also met our wishes. The cooperation was very pleasant. We recommend Tomáš to all our friends. 

Lucie & Jaroslav (Hotel Nemojanský mlýn, Nemojany, Czech Republic)

We highly recommend Tomas. We thank him for the beautiful photos from our wedding and also the pre-wedding photos (he took photos of us on vacation in Bali and then in the Czech Republic, when everything was blooming beautifully). At the wedding, he beautifully captured all the moments we wanted and was willing to stay with us the whole day :-) Everyone praises the photos and we have such good memories of this day. Tomáš is very skilled and you can see that he really enjoys this job. We are very happy that we chose him for our day.

Daniel & Stanislava (Villa Dreucici, Dřevčice, Czech Republic)

Mr. Michna photographed our wedding last year (along with video and drone) and we were satisfied. Nice photos, we were especially pleasantly surprised by a successful group photo in the dark room of the fortress (due to the weather, the ceremony was held inside), where 70 people fit into a small room and the photos were very bright. We also liked the style of photography, when you don′t know about the photographer and the photos from the wedding don′t look machine-made - this was also one of the main parameters for choosing a photographer in advance (I had a reference about the style of photography from a colleague). The video from the wedding, which was made by a colleague′s cameramen, who were very nice by the way, was very nicely edited and interesting (both the clip and the hour-long video that went by like water). But we were most excited about our own pre-wedding photo shoot in nature, which was pleasant, even though we are not photogenic, and from which they took really beautiful photos. Thanks, Tomas!

Dominika & Lukas (Château Lechovice near Znojmo, Czech Republic)

At first, we agreed with Tom only on the wedding clip, because we already had the photographer secured. But she got an offer abroad, so we agreed to try to find someone else. Fortunately, we were spoiled by Tom and it was just meant to be. We are excited about the photos and the clip. Great communication, fast delivery. The guys worked together flawlessly, we almost didn′t know about them. They stayed longer than agreed, which we appreciate. There was also a pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know each other. We look forward to further cooperation and warmly recommend the guys to everyone :)

Michaela & Jan (Church in Neratov, Pension Kozí Chlívek, Deštné v Orlické hory, Czech Republic)

We started the collaboration with a pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know each other a little and to be sure that everything will be perfect at the wedding. After the agreement, we also accepted an offer for a fellow cameraman with whom he is used to working. I have to appreciate the professional approach of both and especially the commitment. Photos from the tree, from the tower of the decayed soil of the church, shots from the skylight of the moving columns... The result is great photos in great quality, with which we are very satisfied. I recommend.

Dominika & Viktor (Thunovská chapel, Kristin Hrádek, Děčín, Czech Republic)

I was looking for a photographer for our wedding really quickly. Most photographers rejected us because of the location, because we chose a rather dark chapel, but Tom was not afraid of that and we have really beautiful photos. We received a lot of photos and it will be very difficult to choose the best one to hang on the wall. There is nothing we would complain about. We really recommend Tom′s services.

Aneta & Jan (Arboretum Bílá Lhota, Mohelnice, Czech Republic)

Professional approach from start to finish. There was also a pre-wedding photo shoot to get to know Tom′s style of photography and get used to taking photos. The photos are great and in impeccable quality, delivered on the promised date. Tom also recommended us a cameraman, also without a mistake :)

Diana & Erik (Ukrainian-Czech wedding, Brno, Czech Republic)

Great photographer with a professional approach. He arrived at the wedding ahead of time, beautifully captured all the important moments during the ceremony and advised where we can take pictures in Brno. He was willing to stay longer than we agreed in advance. As a result, my husband and I got beautiful and high-quality photos.

Simona & Eric (English-Czech wedding, Villa Daniela, Úvaly u Valtic, Czech Republic)

Tomas filmed our dream wedding and the final video is really magical. We recommend to everyone. Thank you for capturing our magical moments forever.

Debora & Tomáš (Tea House Restaurant, Říčany u Prahy, Czech Republic)

The photos are absolutely gorgeous. They met, and even exceeded, our expectations. Thank you for capturing the moments and things we missed. Thank you very much and we will continue to recommend.

Marina & Jaroslav (Ukrainian-Czech wedding, Statek U Prahy, Škvorec, Czech Republic)

Photographer Tomáš Michna photographed our wedding this year and we are absolutely satisfied with the resulting photos. He did a great job and the communication was perfect as well. We can highly recommend the photographer to everyone.

Petra & Karol (Motel M, Malacky, Slovakia)

We are extremely satisfied! Tomáš and I agreed to film our wedding. He shot really beautiful natural shots. We were also able to agree on a price that was very acceptable. The result is an amazing video clip plus we were supplied with all the footage. We want to thank you very much once again and we will definitely recommend where it will be :) good luck :)

Simona & Daniel (Karlova koruna Castle, Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic)

I highly recommend it. At the last minute, I was looking for a photo booth for a wedding and I was pleasantly surprised by the willingness and great service and price. The photo booth was a huge success with wedding guests - more were added. And as a bonus, we all have a beautiful memory. And both guys – photographers, absolutely great!

Veronika & Radek (Chapel of the Holy Cross Kroměříž, Ranch Kostelany, Czech Republic)

Last year I was choosing a photographer for our wedding. We really liked the photos from the photographer Tomáš. I also liked that it also offers camera, drone and photo corner services. We used it all. We first met during a pre-wedding photo shoot. I was very happy for that (at least we tried it out and got to know the photographer). We were very satisfied with the photos from the pre-wedding and later also from the wedding. The guests were excited about the photo booth. The video was also great, I′m just sorry now that we didn′t make the video longer. We have a clip and it′s really just a quick flashback. I definitely recommend the services of this photographer and cameraman.

Katarina & Tom (Podčejk Hunting Lodge, Strenice, Czech Republic)

The resulting photos are beautiful ♥ It was a great deal with Tomas from the beginning. Fast communication (some photographers didn′t even bother to reply when I contacted them). We had an appointment pretty quickly and still he didn′t turn us down. Photos and video are quality work and we thank you for capturing all the moments, we have a memory for a lifetime. We also hired a DJ and got a good price for all services. So we can only recommend it.